The Koç University English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE) is designed based on the objectives of the integrated curriculum implemented at the English Language Center (ELC) and aims to assess students’ competency in English, focusing on the academic productive skills they will need in order to complete their studies at Koç University.

The KUEPE is administered four times in an academic year.

The KUEPE consists of the following sections:


1 long text: 900-1,000 words, 10 questions

2 short texts: 500-700 words each, 5 questions each

Skills assessed:

understanding main ideas

understanding/finding supporting details

finding specific information

guessing meaning from context

making inferences

understanding author’s purpose


Part 1: Structure, 10 questions

Part 2: Vocabulary, 10 questions

* Reading Comprehension and Use of English Sections are administered together in one session.


Part 1: While-listening: an interview, 5 questions

Part 2: Listening and Note-taking: a lecture, 10 questions

Skills assessed:

understanding main ideas

inferring meaning

understanding the speaker’s purpose

drawing conclusions

understanding supporting details

understanding specific information


Students are asked to write an opinion essay on academic or current events topics.

Students must support their ideas with information from an article provided with the exam paper.


Introduction: Student information & Warm-up (This part is not graded)

Part 1: Personal experiences

Part 2: Opinion on an issue

Part 3: Follow-up on the issue

Skills assessed:

effectively communicating in an academic setting

conversing with ease and confidence on a variety of topics using various speaking functions, which include identifying, describing, expressing preferences, explaining and suggesting

employing a range of basic and complex grammatical and lexical knowledge

conveying message with little confusion on the listeners’ part

using communicative strategies to deal with conversation repair.