ELC 2022 Yaz Okulu

Haziran 15, 2022

Dear Students,

Please read the following information about the Summer School carefully:

• ELC 2022 SUMMER SCHOOL: Monday, June 20th – Friday, July 29th

• TUTORIALS: Please attend BOTH regular class hours and tutorials. Tutorials are NOT optional. Materials, topics, vocabulary and/or grammar items that will be covered in tutorials are part of the ELC program.

• KUEPE PRACTICE HOURS: There will be practice hours for the KUEPE for INTERMEDIATE and UPPER-INTERMEDIATE students. Your instructors will provide you with their schedules for these hours. You can practice for the KUEPE by making an appointment with your instructor.

• COURSEBOOK: There will be one coursebook for each level. You will have to buy the Student Book. Students who will stay in the dorm can buy their books from the Pandora bookstore on the campus. The book has a workbook, which will be accessible online with a code. There will also be an online platform for extra tasks and materials. You have to buy the book to have the access code for the online platform of the book.

• Visit www.elc.ku.edu.tr and check your KU emails regularly for all announcements and information regarding the ELC.

• Email elc@ku.edu.tr for your questions and always stay in touch with your instructors about your courses.

We wish you a successful Summer School.

ELC Directorate