Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you to the English Language Center (ELC), Koç University English preparatory program, which aims to provide you with the support you may need as you step into the academic life, starting a new period of your learning process – probably the most meaningful one.

In Koç University, where the medium of instruction is English, the ability to use the language appropriately and express oneself effectively are the most important competencies that will help our students achieve their goals and succeed in their academic and social life. To this end, the ELC program adopts a holistic and integrated approach to teaching and learning the target language. In our program, designed taking it consideration the fact that each learner brings various individual differences, experience and knowledge into the learning environment, students learn how to obtain information on a wide range of academic subjects by using listening and reading resources selected according to their level and how to use this information to convey ideas in written and oral forms. Learning activities are planned to include general abilities as well as the 21st century skills students will need throughout their life. ELC students learn to communicate effectively by actively producing and sharing and prepare for their faculty life in a positive language learning environment where there is continuous support and scaffolding.

Being aware of the fact that learning is a lifelong process, we, as an experienced team, are ready to accompany you in this exciting journey while you grow by embracing challenges and taking full responsibility for your own learning process. I believe you, as young adults, will do your best to add value to life as individuals who communicate effectively, process information efficiently, and are respectful and sensitive to themselves and their environment.

Best wishes,

Berna Arslan

ELC Director