Please see the Student Handbook for ELC Program details below.

Program Completion and Proficiency Exam Requirements

To complete the English Preparatory Program, students are required to pass the Koç University English Proficiency Exam (KUEPE).

In order for students to be eligible to take the KUEPE, they must get enough points from the specified courses during the semester (Intermediate overall course grade: 80 / Upper-intermediate overall course grade: 65).

Students who do not get a passing score in the proficiency exam will enroll in and complete the course that they have to take in the program as they will not have completed the program.


First Year Students (Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters):

  • To take KUEPE or to submit outside exam scores: Intermediate overall course grade: 80 / Upper-intermediate overall course grade: 65

Second Year Students (Fall and Spring Semesters):

  •  To take KUEPE: Students need to complete their current level with an overall course grade: 65
  •  To submit outside exam scores: If students submit a valid outside exam score obtained from an accepted test center, they will be exempt from the ELC Program without having to meet any overall course grade requirements.

Students who have completed two academic years in the ELC Program can take the KUEPE exams administered by the time they are dismissed from university. They do not have to meet the overall course grade requirements to take these KUEPE exams. These students may also submit outside exam scores. The requirements for accepted outside exam scores for ELC promotion and test centers also apply to outside exams taken after the completion of two years in the ELC. Second year students can study in the ELC in the summer semester but are not required to do so.


Required Scores for ELC Promotion:

  • KUEPE: 60 out of 100.
  • YDS / E-YDS: 80 out of 100. (Valid for 5 years)
  • TOEFL IBT*: 80 (total) / 20 (minimum score required on the writing section). (Valid for 2 years): Home Edition and My Best Score are not accepted.
  • PTE Academic*: (Pearson Test of English): 67 out of 90. (Valid for 2 years)
  • CAE/CPE*: Grade of C. (Valid for 3 years)

*Per the latest instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Center for Selection and Placement of Students (OSYM), in order for an international language exam taken in Türkiye to be accepted as equivalent, it must be taken in a state university building.