1. What are the external examination scores required for exemption from the English Preparatory Program (ELC)?

For exemption, information about external exams can be found at the link below:


2. What is the deadline for sending the external examination result and where should the result be sent?

  • The deadline for each semester is published on the Koç University Academic Calendar at the beginning of Fall and Spring Semesters. Valid external exam results must be sent to the following e-mail address and their validity must be confirmed by the ELC Directorate:


  • For ELC students, information about external exam requirements can be found at the link below:


About the TOEFL Exam;

*Those who have a valid TOEFL score should have their exam result documents sent by the TOEFL Center to code 0163 of our University. Student copies of result documents sent to Koç University are not accepted as valid documents. However, in case the official document does not reach Koç University by the registration date, the student copy, if any, will have to be submitted during the registration as a temporary document. In such cases, students will be asked to sign a document committing that the result document will be mailed from the TOEFL Center to reach our University within one month at the latest.

** Home Edition and My Best Score are not accepted.

3. When is the Placement Exam? Is it compulsory to take the Placement Exam? Can I take the KUEPE exam without taking this exam?

Placement Exam is administered at the beginning of every academic year during the registration period. Students are required to take the Placement Exam. Only students who take the Placement Exam and get the required  score can take the KUEPE exam.

4. Is it necessary to take the Placement Exam before taking the accepted external exams or presenting a valid exam score?

If a valid external exam result accepted by the University is submitted during registration, it is not necessary to take the Placement Exam. However, if you cannot submit a valid external exam result accepted by the University during registration or if you are not sure whether the exam result you submitted meets the validity requirements, you must take the Placement Exam.

5. Is there a make-up for the KUEPE exam?

There is no make-up for the KUEPE exam for any reason (including health reports) throughout the year.

6. Can the dismissed students who have completed two years in the ELC use KUEPE as an amnesty exam and what should they do?

Students who want to use KUEPE as an amnesty exam can access the application requirements and detailed information from the link below (Article 44 Right to Examination):


 7. How long is the duration of education in the English Preparatory Program?

  •  Information about maximum duration of education can be accessed from the link (Article 4):


  • The duration of education varies according to the level of the student. Detailed information can be found at the link below:


 8. What are the requirements for the English Preparatory Program Summer School?

  • First-year ELC students in the English Preparatory Program are obliged to attend the Summer School if they do not complete the preparatory program at the end of the Spring semester. Attending the Summer School is optional for second-year ELC students. Detailed information can be found at the link below:https://elc.ku.edu.tr/program/
  • Detailed information about Summer School tuition can be found at the link below:


9. Where can a student find Attendance information?

Attendance information can be found under the Attendance tab on the Blackboard course page.

10. Where can a student find the rules about attendance?

The course syllabus, which includes course requirements and information, is shared by the instructors on the Blackboard course page at the beginning of each semester.

11. What should a student do when s/he cannot attend classes due to a health-related issue?

Health reports must be submitted to and approved by the Koç University Health Center. “Regulation Governing Implementation Principle of Student Health Reports” can be accessed from the link below: