1. Is there a make-up exam for the KUEPE for students with medical reports?

There is no make-up for the KUEPE throughout the year.

2. Under what circumstances, if any, may I take leave from the ELC?

All requests to take leave from the ELC should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in the form of a petition explaining why the student wishes to take leave.

3. If I am unsure about any ELC policies, whom should I contact for clarification?

All ELC students have access to the ELC Program Description under the “Program” link on this webpage. The Program Description serves the same function as a Student Handbook. . Information about proficiency exam dates may be found on the Academic Calendar, and about proficiency exam requirements on the ELC webpage. All other questions should be directed to the ELC administration, rather than to individual ELC instructors. Other Koç students — whether current or former ELC students — are the least reliable source of information about ELC policies and requirements. Please go only to the ELC administration if you have questions not answered by the ELC Program Description or webpage.

4.What should I do if I am unable to attend classes because of my health problem? 

You need to present a valid health report. You can find the Regulation Governing Implementation Principles of Student Health Reports link below;